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Fast teeth-straightening – Six Month Smiles

Do you want straight teeth in 6 months?
Our system is for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth. The average time is only 6–9 MONTHS! Unnoticeable on the teeth and engineered for quick results to deliver an attractive and confident smile.

  • Average treatment times of only six months
  • Our Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible
  • Use of braces has been shown to provide the most conservative and predictable final result
  • Our Patient Tray KitsTM ensure that your appointments are fast and comfortable
  • Low forces and short term overall orthodontic treatment times increase comfort, safety, and hygiene
  • Typically less expensive than traditional braces or aligner therapy

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Straight teeth in 6 MONTHS? How?

Our clear braces are safe, comfortable, and provide quick results. Using proven techniques and materials, the braces have been specifically designed for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth.

What about Aligners and Metal Braces?

Other options like aligners can be stressful to keep up with (especially without the guidance of a trained dentist), and can take more than 6 months. Traditional ortho (metal braces), is another route, but that usually takes about 2 years and can be more expensive and invasive.

Is it Really only 6 MONTHS?

6 Months is the average treatment time. Most patients finish around 6 Months, but treatment times may range from 4-9 months.

Are retainers required?

Yes, as with all orthodontic treatment, a retainer is necessary to maintain the new, straight position of your teeth. There are a variety of retainer options you can choose from depending on your personal preference and situation.

How much does it cost?

While the cost is generally less expensive than traditional braces and aligners, the cost varies depending on your specific treatment goals.

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For further information about Six-Month Smiles treatment, see our Patient Guide

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