White fillings

"Dental art"

Most people will be familiar with the old silver amalgam restorations. Due to its poor biomechanical properties and its unacceptable aesthetic quality, dental amalgam has become somewhat obsolete in its use.
Although it is still used, it is far from ideal. Many patients require a more modern restoration – a ” white filling “, which lasts a long time but also looks beautiful and is unrecognisable from natural tooth tissue.

Patients looking for a more ‘natural’ looking solution to a simple silver amalgam filling, may wish to consider the Inspiro Dental Design Restoration instead. Trained in Switzerland by Prof. Didier Dietschi, Dr Missankov can now bring this most contemporary Dental Art to his patients. With this method, amalgam is replaced with a composite material or ” white filling “.

The procedure benefits from minimal tooth preparation, i.e. less of the tooth is removed to enable the composite to be applied. In addition, this composite allows better colour control and the restoration can closely match existing teeth, both in translucency and shade. The technique used in the Inspiro Dental Restoration results in not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing restored teeth, but also guarantees durability while allowing the patient to maintain the full function of the tooth. Additional information is available at reception.

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