Gum Disease

Treatment for Gum Disease

If you have reddened gums, bleeding gums, bad breath or sensitive teeth, it may be that you are among approximately 45 adults in 100 that suffer from gum disease. Periodontal disease or gum disease is the bacterial infection of the part of the tooth that supports the gum.

Regular cleaning helps to control plaque but routine check-ups at the dentist ensureproper long-term control. Gum disease is usually painless so without a professional dental examination it carries a high risk of being detected late and is a major cause of tooth loss and decay.

As periodontal disease is not visible to the naked eye, your dentist will have examined your gums and may have found evidence of gum disease.

At Dentabrite Clinic we believe that every tooth matters and we have recently introduced a new product called Perio Chip which has been effective in controlling gum disease PerioChip helps to reduce the depth of your periodontal pockets over time. Together with good dental hygiene, PerioChip has been proven to reduce the risk of tooth loss.

If you are concerned about Periodontal disease and wish to find out more about PerioChip, please contact us to book an appointment.


How the Chip is applied



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